Oakley Plant Remains on Regulators’ Agenda

By Published On: May 18, 2012

Pacific Gas & Electric’s third try to get the Oakley power plant built is viewed by independent generators as a curse. The utility continues to pursue putting into its ratebase the project, which PG&E is to own after construction, although twice before it was shot down. The California Public Utilities Commission first rejected it, then later approved it. A Court of Appeals later invalidated regulators’ controversial approval. “PG&E’s unflagging efforts to secure the commission’s approval of the Oakley project bring these concerns about favoritism and preferential treatment to the fore once again,” states the Independent Energy Producers Association in a May 10 protest to the CPUC. “It seems highly unlikely to IEP that PG&E would undertake such extraordinary efforts to seek approval of a power purchase agreement with an independent power producer,” the generators’ protest added. PG&E maintains the fossil-fueled facility would be efficient and provide ancillary services for the state’s renewable energy requirement, as well as baseload energy.

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