Potential Clean Air Law Changes

By Published On: June 29, 2012

As state energy and environmental agencies grapple with the need to make sure the Los Angeles area has a reliable source of power, changes in clean air law may be necessary. One key state law that hinders flexibility in permitting new power plants in the region is SB 288, which the Legislature passed in 2003 to stymie--at least in California--relaxations former President George Bush made in federal clean air rules at the time. Essentially, the law locked into place in California the existing requirements under the federal Clean Air Act at the time for offsetting emissions from new power plants and industrial facilities. The California Air Resources Board in an interim AB 1318 report in 2010 suggested it may be time to modify SB 288 to allow greater latitude. The interim report further suggested that California lobby Congress to loosen up federal Clean Air Act provisions for new power plants. Those interim suggestions could set the stage for recommendations to the Legislature and governor in the final AB 1318 report.

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