RPS Goal Achieved on Entering

By Published On: June 11, 2005

The staffs of the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission appear ready to allow investor-owned utilities to demonstrate they have met the state?s 20 percent renewables portfolio standard goal by 2010 based on entering renewable power contracts, rather than delivering actual renewable power, revealed John Geesman, CEC commissioner, at this week?s commission meeting. ?That is substantially different from what any of the policy makers intended,? said Geesman, who added that utilities apparently have convinced staff in recent meetings that signing contracts is the best they can do by 2010. Geesman plans to raise the issue June 15 at a joint meeting of the two commissions to discuss the state?s Energy Action Plan. Merely entering contracts by 2010 will not necessarily result in 20 percent renewable power for years to come, he said. Geesman predicted that his fellow commissioners will join him next week to ?redirect? the staff to maintain the 2010 goal based on actual sales.

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