Rulemaking Seeks Demand-Response Umbrella

By Published On: October 17, 2014

A proposed rulemaking to create a framework that provides policy consistency for cost-effective resources that reduce energy demand was released Oct. 9 by the California Public Utilities Commission. The proposed commission Order to Institute Rulemaking seeks to align energy efficiency, demand-response, energy storage, and water/energy efficiency measures and new rate design efforts. “We envision this framework to be a unified mechanism to authorize and direct the commission-regulated electric and gas utilities to achieve demand reduction and load shaping using integrated demand-side management resources,” stated the proposal. The effort has been coined the “Customer Energy Solutions Framework.” It is considered a quasi-legislative matter with no need for hearings. “The commission recognizes the need to integrate planning and programs across energy technologies and activities which impact load on the customer-side of the meter,” according to the proposal. The rulemaking is to assess current alternative energy measures, including: • Goals; • Cost-effectiveness methods; • Funding; • Marketing, education, and outreach; • Long-term planning assumptions; • Evaluation, measurement and verification; • Data collection and public availability; • Program implementation plans; and • Shareholder incentive mechanisms. The second follow-up phase of the rulemaking is to address ratemaking.

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