Smart Meters Crawl Across State

By Published On: August 22, 2008

Pacific Gas & Electric should have 10.3 million Silver Spring meters installed by 2011. “The total cost of the smart meter gas and electric program (including operating costs over a 20-year period) would be $2.3 billion (which includes the $572 million we are seeking for an upgrade which is on top of the $1.7 billion approved in 2006),” according to Paul Moreno, PG&E spokesperson. According to Moreno, the utility is in communications with water utilities to have PG&E read data for them. San Diego Gas & Electric is installing Itron meters. According to the utility, the total cost for its service territory is $572 million. They are supposed to be across the utility’s territory by 2011. Southern California Edison is also installing Itron meters. According to Paul De Martini, Edison director of advanced metering, the utility applied for $1.25 billion in capital and $400 million in operational cost to the CPUC for its expected 5.3 million meters. At this point, 80 percent are expected to be from Itron. The rest are up for bid.

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