SMUD Budget Keeps Rates Flat, Boosts Wind

By Published On: December 15, 2003

Sacramento Municipal Utility District customers approved a 2004 budget that will keep rates at the current level and increase the district?s wind energy supplies to 15 MW. Earlier this month, SMUD approved a $1.2 billion budget, which includes $70 million in the rate stabilization fund to protect ratepayers against fluctuating costs in the energy market. SMUD?s budget also includes $6 million for 5 MW of new windmills at the Solano Wind Farm, which currently produces about 10 MW. The turbines produce about 660 kW each, and the new windmills are expected to be up and running by next May. SMUD?s budget also includes $138 million for constructing a segment of its 500 MW Cosumnes project. Other than a rate increase in 2001, during the state?s energy crisis, the district has managed to avoid rate increases for the last 13 years.

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