SMUD OKs Another Solar Home Buildout, Sees Income Drop

By Published On: November 2, 2007

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District board easily approved incentives of up to $950,000 for energy efficiency and solar installations at 187 “Solar Smart homes” November 1. The 2007-2011 incentive is for single family homes to be built in the Natomas region, with the SMUD’s subsidy ranging between $4,620 to $5,120 per home for energy efficiency and solar roofs. When built out, the solar projects will have a total capacity of 280 kW. “This will help SMUD reach its renewable portfolio standard and achieve its SB 1 [Million Solar Roofs] commitment,” said board member Larry Posner. In spite of the housing market slump, the muni is moving ahead with plans to invest in hundreds of solar powered homes (Circuit, Oct. 26, 2007). This is SMUD’s fifth solar homes agreement, according to Jan Schori, SMUD general manager. During the evening meeting, it was revealed that the muni’s net revenue for the first nine months of the year was $21 million below projections, with more than half of the drop arising from higher power costs. The muni was hit with higher power bills because it had to fill in the supply gap arising from decreased hydropower output. The board learned that the muni’s net assets were projected to reach $60.9 million but tallied up to only $40.1 million.

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