SMUD’s Income Rises

By Published On: September 12, 2008

The Sacramento Municipal District’s revenues for the first seven months of the year were $674.6 million–$600,000 higher than the $674 million budgeted. Actual expenses were $666.2 million during the time period, almost $2 million less than the budgeted amount of $668 million. Overall, there was an increase in net assets of $8.4 million, as compared to a planned decrease of $6 million. The muni’s controller said during SMUD’s September 4 meeting, among the reasons for the higher-than-projected revenue and lower expenses were a natural gas settlement which offset lower sales to customers, lower costs of natural gas and hydro generation, and lower utility usage than expected. In other news, SMUD’s board also signed off on a plan to expand the 69 kV Waterman-Grantline substation. The project has two main components: the first is the expansion of the substation by 1,300-square-feet, which would result in the existing substation increasing in size from about 0.11 acre to 0.41 acre. The second main component is the addition of a second 20 MVA transformer, plus ancillary equipment. The project’s purpose is to provide distribution system capacity to meet electric load growth in the southeastern area of Elk Grove and the adjacent unincorporated area.

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