Solar Initiative Funds Lag Goal

By Published On: January 28, 2011

The California Solar Initiative program to date is responsible for 761 MW of solar rooftops. Last year, investor-owned utilities paid out $231 million of incentives to help install 153 MW of solar rooftops, according to California Public Utilities Commission data. With applications pending approval, regulators and utilities project that the program soon will have supported installation of 1,332 MW. That would leave the CSI with only $193 million in incentive money left out of the original $1.748 billion. That’s about 11 percent of the total money with still about 24 percent of the capacity goal remaining. “We’re about 50 percent through the program in terms of capacity goals,” said Garen Grigoryan, Pacific Gas & Electric solar business analyst Jan. 26. He cited both installed capacity and approved incentive applications for pending installations. The goal of the CSI subsidy program is to put 1,750 MW of photovoltaic rooftops on homes and businesses by 2016.

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