Solar Thermal Plant Standings

By Published On: August 27, 2010

By the end of September, the California Energy Commission is expected to have issued licenses to construct 2,829 MW of solar thermal generating capacity in the California desert region. In addition to this week’s license for NextEra Energy Resources to construct the 250 MW Beacon Solar Energy Project, final Energy Commission approvals are expected for the following plants: -September 8, a license to the Spanish company Abengoa to construct its 250 MW Mojave Solar Project in San Bernardino County; -September 15, a license to BrightSource to build its 370 MW Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Station in San Bernardino County and a license to the German firm Solar Millennium to with Chevron Energy Resources build the 1,000 MW Blythe Solar Project in Riverside County; and -September 29, a license to NextEra Energy to build its 250 MW Genesis Solar Energy Project in Riverside County; and -September 29, a license for Tessera Solar to build the 709 MW Imperial Valley Solar Project in Imperial County. Not far behind in the evidentiary hearing stage of licensing at the Energy Commission is Tessera’s 850 MW Calico Solar Project in San Bernardino County. Approval of that plant too would mark final Energy Commission action on seven of 12 proposed solar thermal power plants for which developers are seeking construction licenses in time to break ground this year. If they do, they will qualify for federal cash grants that cover 30 percent of project costs.

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