Sonoma Clean Power Builds Green Power Supply

By Published On: June 19, 2014

Sonoma Clean Power advanced its plan to develop renewable energy for customers June 16 by entering a 30 MW power purchase agreement with Recurrent Energy. The Sonoma County community choice aggregation agency plans to get the power—enough for 9,000 homes—from a photovoltaic facility Recurrent is building in Lemoore in Kings County, according to Kate Kelly, Sonoma public affairs and marketing director. Recurrent is in the development phase for the project, said Kate Powers company spokesperson. It has some of the permits it needs in hand, but is yet to obtain others. Powers estimated Recurrent's project should come online sometime in 2016. Sonoma Clean Power signed the deal with Recurrent after it began offering service last month to 23,070 customers, primarily businesses. It plans to begin offering service to residential customers in 2015 in unincorporated areas of the county, said Kelly, as well as cities that have joined the community choice aggregation agency. To date, the cities of Windsor, Sonoma, Cotati, Sebastopol, and Santa Rosa have joined and others still may do so in the year ahead. The county has nine incorporated cities. So far, the customer opt out rate has been 8.6 percent, with those customers preferring to stick with Pacific Gas & Electric as their power provider, according to Kelly. To stimulate development of renewable energy locally, Sonoma Clean Power is developing a feed-in tariff. Under it, renewable power producers, including those with onsite solar, wind, or biomass facilities could sell their output for a set price to the agency. Adoption of the feed-in tariff could come as early as next month, according to Geof Syphers, Sonoma Clean Power chief executive officer.

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