WREGIS Renewable Credits Start This Month, Create Ownership Quandary

By Published On: October 12, 2007

The first renewable energy certificates from Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System are expected to become active by mid-October, according to Andrea Coon, Western Electricity Coordinating Council assistant administrator. However, dueling green credit systems appear to be creating murky waters over which entity gets greenhouse gas emission ownership credits. The Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS) began accepting registrants in mid-summer. It is waiving all registration fees until the first of the year to urge membership. “So far all large utilities in New Mexico, California, and Oregon are registered. All three of these states have mandates for using WREGIS,” Coon said. “To date, there is a ballpark of 50 registrants, with a potential for that to double in a year.” The Western system declares itself to be the largest renewable energy registry and tracking system for energy generation in the world. Derik Broekhoff, a senior associate from the World Resources Institute stated, “WREGIS is not sufficient in establishing ownership of power-plant reductions.” For instance, “When you purchase [renewable energy credits] tracked by WREGIS, it allows you to make a claim of zero electricity. It does not allow you to make an emissions reductions claim at another power plant.” There needs to be an agreement with the power plant owner to make this claim. Coon ensured, however, “WREGIS, at present, does not have the functionality to trace down to GHG levels, but in the future it can be revised.” Editors’ note: For a more detailed version of the renewable credits story, please see our sister publication E=MC2 – Energy Meets Climate Challenge. You can find it at www.energymeetsclimate.com.

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