Wyoming to Coos Bay

By Published On: July 22, 2011

Gas exports could be facilitated by two separate pipelines in conjunction with the planned liquefied natural gas terminal at Coos Bay, Oregon, with Malin serving as the hub. Right now, the two lines, which are to converge at Malin, are ostensibly being built to supply California and Northwest states with new sources of gas. Malin, which is on the California-Oregon border, is already where Pacific Gas & Electric obtains much of its gas and the new pipelines would augment its supply. The new projects are as follows: -The Ruby Pipeline--Spanning 680 miles from Opal, Wyoming, to Malin, Oregon, it’s being built to move 1.5 bcf/day of gas out of the Rocky Mountains. It’s set for a July 27 opening. -The Pacific Interconnector--A 234-mile-long pipeline ostensibly to bring imported liquefied natural gas from the Jordan Cove Energy Project to the Malin hub. The pipeline could move up to 1 bcf/day. PG&E is a partner with Williams Energy and Veresen. Both the pipeline and terminal could be completed by mid-decade.

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