Pilots to curb disconnections, diesel backups soar, billion$ for EVs

By Published On: October 7, 2021

The California Public Utilities Commission unanimously approves investor-owned utility pilots to reduce the number of poor customers who have their power shutoff because of unpaid utility bills. The quintet also votes to develop a safety culture framework for the private utilities to try and make them safety conscious to the core.

The pending federal infrastructure bills would go a long ways towards advancing electric vehicle uptake, by providing needed subsidies for EV purchases and charger installations. Invest in America would provide $30 billion and Build Back Better $34.5 billion.

The number of polluting diesel backup generators installed by business in the Southland and Bay Area is soaring, undermining the protection of public health and the climate, a new report warns. The number of backup systems in the  South Coast Air Quality Management District rises 34%, and 22% in the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, totaling 15% of the grid capacity.

California’s path to clean energy is further impeded by legal, bureaucratic and global supply chain disruptions, a new state report on challenges and recommendations for meeting SB 100’s 100% clean energy target in the short- and long-term.

An earlier report by Edison International also raises thorny issues that could keep the state from carbon reduction goals set for 2030 if regulators and planners don’t change their ways. The good news is that the targets can be reached by taking concrete measures to reduce the time to permit large and small transmission and generation, and to provide needed funding.

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