Pricey SCE battery project and SONGS decommissioning, solar rooftop overhaul

By Published On: December 17, 2021

The California Public Utilities  Commission generates lots of controversy this week. It proposes slashing payments to rooftop owners for juice fed into the grid and adding big monthly charges. Distributed solar and storage advocates say if approved, the net energy metering overhaul will wreak havoc on local clean energy. Private utilities and other proponents say it avoids ongoing inequities.

The CPUC also rejects cost and safety concerns raised by consumer and nuclear safety representatives when approving $4.5 billion to decommission the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. The Utility Reform Network vows to challenge the decision.

At the same meeting, utility regulators also approve Southern California Edison’s $1.23 billion storage project slated for next summer to bolster resiliency as the sun sets. Opponents say SCE is exploiting the emergency and protest the high price and exclusion of third-party storage companies.

Federal energy regulators adopt new dam safety rules to prevent more collapses like the one at Oroville Dam. The new rules apply to the huge number of dams across the country, 10,000 of which are considered high risk.

A quartet of California community energy organizations accelerate their push to 100% renewables.

A new report on the state of emissions in California warns new gas-fired generation and the rise in natural gas use in large and small buildings over the last two years undermine the state’s decarbonization need. Next 10 also finds renewables are too few and far between.

The grid operator’s expanded day-ahead market takes small but meaningful steps forward.

SCE is seeking an unprecedented rate of return on its environmental work around its Tehachapi Renewable Project, much to the consternation of the CPUC.

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