$15B for climate protection, resource adequacy inadequacies

By Published On: September 23, 2021

The state grid operator and a federal regulator both point to the fallout from a shortage of supply cushions to protect very different grids. The California Independent System Operator board approves 469 MWs of reliability ‘must run’ contacts deemed essential to protect its system because neither a utility nor other power provider reached resource adequacy agreements with any of the owners of the five power plants. Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Mark Christie blames the destructive winter blackout in Texas on the lack of resource adequacy in its market.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signs unprecedented $15 billion climate change package. It includes $3.9 million for zero emission vehicles and $1.5 billion for wildfire mitigation.

The CAISO board approves the five RMR deals but it is not the final word. The grid operator is hoping energy providers will sign RA agreements before the end of September cutoff date, negating the need for the 2022 RMR contracts.

After months of waiting and watching, state utility regulators vote to ensure vulnerable ratepayers who get cheated by solar contractors are compensated for their loss. The 3-2 California Public Utilities Commission vote is to keep tabs on the fund created by the agency that regulates solar contractors and also explore sources of additional funding.

The struggle to close down a key Southern California coastal power plants that uses ocean water for cooling gets thwarted by concerns about peak demand on extremely hot days as the sun sets. The Redondo Beach plant is expected to get its closure deadline extended yet again, this time to the end of 2023.

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