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California Current provides independent news and analysis of happenings in the electricity and natural gas markets in the nation’s biggest economy.

We provide weekly and breaking news on policies, laws, regulations, and trends that affect ratepayers, the environment, jobs, private and public utilities, generators, and energy innovators in the Golden State.

Our California-centric lens, sharpened by staff with decades of experience, focuses on renewables and new and emerging clean energy technologies—from storage to demand response. We take a hard look at energy resources’ impact on climate change, the market, and rates. That includes comparing and contrasting the impacts of fossil fuel use with less zero and low climate polluting resources.

For the price of a subscription, you get wall-to-wall coverage of meetings, hearings, and decisions, including at the state Capitol, California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission, Air Resources Board, California Independent System Operator, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Congress, the courts, community energy and others.

California Current Staff

ElizabethCroppedElizabeth McCarthy, managing editor, co-founded California Current in 2003. She’s reported on a wide variety of topics—from clean energy and water to dance–for a several publications. That includes Canary Media, the World Health Organization, Agence France Presse, Harvard University’s Nieman Reports, Oakland Magazine, New Scientist, Sacramento Business Journal and Sacramento News & Review. She was BNA’s Irish correspondent, covering myriad issues—from wave energy to European Union directives. She also worked in Nippon Telegraph & Telephone’s International Legal Office in Tokyo, Japan. McCarthy is a recovering Catholic and lawyer.

William J. Kelly is a California Current contributor.  He has written on environmental and energy issues for more than 20 years. His articles have been published in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Inside Climate News, California Journal, LA Weekly, Orange County Weekly, Scientific American, Alternet, and the Environment News Service. Earlier in his career, Kelly covered national environmental issues in Washington, D.C., for the employee-owned publishing company BNA, today known as Bloomberg-BNA. He also has written and edited books on the environment, including “Home Safe Home” (National Press, Inc., 1989; republished by Avon Books, 1991), “Smogtown: The Lung Burning History of Pollution in Los Angeles” (Overlook Press, 2008), “The People’s Republic of Chemicals” (Rare Bird Books, 2014), and several volumes published by BNA. He spent more than 13 years as press spokesperson and communications manager for the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the smog control agency for greater Los Angeles. He has won numerous prizes for his writing and work in communications. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Herman K. Trabish, D.C., has been a Doctor of Chiropractic for 33 years and years ago realized his strategy to fix the planet one person at a time was moving too slowly. An accidental encounter with Daniel Yergin’s The Prize led to a protracted study of the bloody, fiery history of oil and his Oil In Their Blood (http://www.oilintheirblood.com) series of historical novels on oil history. Trabish was redeemed from the horrific side of energy’s history by mentor Paul MacCready, one of the founding fathers of the modern renewable energy business. A five-year apprenticeship developing NewEnergyNews (http://www.newenergynews.net) followed, a blog he continues to curate. His best effort to achieve full competence on the energy generation beat is ongoing at California Current.


Mark Edward Nero is California Current’s South Coast correspondent. Nero, based in Long Beach, Calif., has been writing for Current since 2005 and has been a professional journalist since 1995. He has worked for a series of Southern California daily newspapers, including the San Diego Union-Tribune and Long Beach Press-Telegram. His writing also has appeared in the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Daily News, and other publications both in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to reporting for Current, Nero writes about the maritime shipping industry.


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