Inside the Beltway: FERC Kicks off Power Restoration Evaluation

9 Oct 2014

To get the grid back online more quickly after a cyber attack, massive storm or system-wide failure, like the September 2011 California-Arizona blackout, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced Sept 30 it was launching a review of bulk power system restoration plans.

“The primary objective of this joint staff review is to assess entities’ plans for restoration and recovery, and verify how the Reliability Standards support them,” the agency stated.

Federal commission staff, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and regional entities are collaborating on the effort.

Commission staff selected several “registered entities” to participate in the voluntary review. They include transmission owners, balancing authorities and load serving entities subject to mandatory reliability standards with bulk power system significance.

The review is expected to focus on: • Comparing restoration plans’ content, scope and interplay; • Assessing the effectiveness of reliability standard restoration requirements; and • Identifying good industry practices.

A joint letter was sent to a number of registered entities at the end of last week seeking their participation.

“There are nine entities voluntarily participating in the review; the names of the participants are not being made public,” said Craig Cano, commission spokesperson.

The review is expected to be completed by the middle of 2015.

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