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7 Jul 2017

Taking the “dis” out of disadvantaged communities was center stage for lawmakers and regulators this week.  Reversing the trend of rising climate emissions and co-pollutants in poor local neighborhoods was the focus of a joint legislative Climate Change Policy panel.  Meanwhile, the CPUC zeroed in on making environmental justice  energy programs just.

The Utilities & Energy Committee passed bills to give customers more data access and green the peak load.

In the bigger scheme of things, California and China join forces to green themselves and the world at large, Juice reports.

Another clean energy strategy is using smart inverters to better integrate the advantages of distributed renewable energy flowing into the grid, energy staff note. At the same time, all that customer –made generation is considered a mixed green bag for energy regulators.  But that shouldn’t be for long, points out a consumer advocate.

A federal district court dissed the US EPA for impeding implementation of a rule to limit fugitive methane emissions from new oil and gas operations.

Valero Refining is hoping a sister court will do the same to PG&E, and include damages for a power outage at its Benicia Refinery.

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