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28 Jul 2017

The California Independent System Operator seeks to widen the route to the state’s wholesale electricity market for demand response.

Microgrids promise benefits, but first the California Energy Commission says numerous speed bumps must be removed to make them more commonplace.

The grid operator seeks to head off the potential for sudden loss of large amounts of solar power on the grid due to the way solar plant inverters react to transient variations in frequency on high voltage transmission lines.

A bill to spur the growth of electric vehicle ownership with $3 billion of subsidies shouldn’t tap energy utility ratepayer money, this week’s Juice column opines.

Cap-and-trade continues after Gov. Jerry Brown signs legislation to keep the emissions trading program in place through 2030. Right after the governor acted, the California Air Resources Board quickly passed amendments to its cap-and-trade rules that keep them in place beyond 2020.

The nation’s biggest port complex in the Los Angeles area rolls out a plan for massive electrification of its operations, but who will foot the bill is uncertain.

In the nation’s Capitol, a Senate panel spotlights clean coal and nuclear power as the way to clean up the nation’s power industry amid calls not to overlook renewable technologies.

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