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20 Oct 2017

Greening the grid is the talk of the town.

At the CAISO’s annual confab held this week, most bets are that a westward grid expansion will happen. Why? Because proponents insist it will promote renewables, which will decarbonize both the grid and economy, near and far.

Achieving that goal, however, requires paying new alternative resources for grid services that now are uncompensated. This bucks to the duck strategy seeks to balance out the newly appreciated renewable abundance with its scarcity.

That includes tapping into peaking geothermal resources, according to this week’s guest editorial.  It opines that binary geothermal can beat solar PV prices if not blinded by the light.

Also moving to get more green is the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, which may redirect its investment into the gas conversion of the coal-fired Intermountain Power Plant in Utah to a hybrid solar and energy storage project.

LADWP also sees huge opportunities in the electrification of vehicles. But in the short term, the muni expects the power surge from fueling those cars to increase emissions and the need for more emission allowances from the Air Resources Board.

The Sacramento muni is planning to double up on its winter seeding of clouds in the hopes of increasing its valuable hydropower resources.

In the fire that devastated parts of Northern California, PG&E gets the lights back on and pilot lights relit.

The governor finishes up this session’s signing of energy bills, which largely aim to increase clean energy.

—The Editors

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