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16 Mar 2018

Trump’s federal regulators may make western grid regionalization a rough ride for California while it continues working to cut its greenhouse gases, legislators are warned. The next day, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission signals just that. A FERC majority largely ignores the Obama-era’s incorporation of  the social cost of carbon, saying it’s not a useful analytical tool when considering whether or not to build pipelines.

The governor and California’s legislative leaders say they’re ready to ride to the rescue of utilities that face mounting liability and insurance shortages for wildfires sparked by power lines. State leaders pledge to change state laws concerning how liability is determined.

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power budgets more money for wildfire insurance in the coming year and hikes customer bills to cover the rising cost of purchased power.

Meanwhile, advocates for cleaning up heavy-duty vehicles in California with electric technology bemoan the governor’s latest budget, which aims to cut funds for the effort.

In Washington, a House panel is busy developing four separate bills to protect the nation’s grid and other energy infrastructure from the rising threat of cyber attacks.

NRG moves to close down three old gas-fired plants in Southern California that have had problems selling their output, while the fate of other gas-fired plants remains cloudy.

Los Angeles County’s emerging community choice energy program faces hurdles in meeting its chief goal of lower costs, this week’s Juice column finds.

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