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8 Jun 2018

The feisty Air Resources Board knocks hard on federal regulators’ door. The aim is to have a serious discussion with the Trump Administration about plans to knock out California’s tighter greenhouse gas controls for autos.

Other potential bad news for the Golden State is the mega bucks it will cost if Trump et al succeed in baling out coal and nuclear power plants.

At the state level, looming wildfire liability for Pacific Gas & Electric leads it to seek a postponement of its 2020 general rate case filing.

A June 5 ballot measure to require a super-majority vote by the Legislature, as a prerequisite to cap-and-trade spending, goes down in flames.

A new study finds laboratories suck up more energy than any other type of building, making them the next energy efficiency odyssey.

For small biomass projects, it’s better late than never for PG&E contracts.

This week’s JUICE finds that the CPUC president’s clean resource picks to keep the grid humming harmonize with the famous Dick’s Picks of the Grateful Deal.

California newest community energy entrant in the East Bay pitches a local economic plan to promote clean energy, jobs and business opportunities in Alameda County.

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