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25 Oct 2018

The Air Board approves funding to advance electric vehicles under its $455 million 2018-19 investment plan and also to incorporate methane controls for oil and gas producers into the state’s master air pollution control plan

The California Public Utilities Commission seeks to increase the effectiveness of a $550 million Electric Program Investment Charge research and development fund for utilities and the California Energy Commission. The CPUC adopts recommendations made by an independent analysis to optimize utility EPIC-funded projects, including making them more inclusive.

It is not all bad news out there on the climate front. NRDC is hopeful that current technologies and the market will continue to advance clean energy, but acknowledges much more needs to happen, and much faster, to protect the planet.

State energy regulators contemplate levying more costs on electricity customers to bolster utility coffers, and require choice programs to have time-of-use rate plans, according to the CPUC’s new customer choice analysis.

Ailing FERC Chair Kevin McIntyre announces he is stepping down as head of the commission.

Community choice energy providers get high marks for their robust renewable portfolios that leave the state mandate in the dust. Most of the munis get high marks too, but there are some slackers.

The presumed next governor, Gavin Newsom, will have to pick up from where Gov. Jerry Brown left off. Meeting the state’s 2050 goal to curb carbon emissions by 80 percent will require the state to move away from consuming, producing and refining oil, JUICE finds.

Edison bungles lowering a radioactive fuel loaded canister into an underground vault, raising concerns about the condition of the task and adequacy of worker training.

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