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8 Nov 2018

Overriding opposition, the California Public Utilities Commission gives Pacific Gas & Electric the green light to sign deals for more than 500 MW of electricity storage capacity at Moss Landing along the central coast.

This week’s election brings more California Democrats who back clean energy into the House. Changes coming in the House leadership in January promise increasing oversight and investigation of the Trump Administration’s pro-fossil fuel policies.

Utility regulators at the CPUC aim to promote public participation in their proceedings. They also seek to do a better job of reflecting social and environmental equity in their policies.

Meanwhile, as a new governor prepares to take office, a key commissioner at the CPUC steps down, opening up an appointment opportunity.

Despite the potential for growing liabilities for wildfires, California investor-owned utilities earn solid profits in the latest quarter. Independent generators, on the other hand, continue to show mixed financial results.

Federal land managers sign off on a major solar project in California’s desert as more gas-fired power plants appear ready to close.

In the face of more Santa Ana winds, utilities tell their customers to expect power shut offs in many areas to prevent power lines from sparking wildfires.

—The Editors

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