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15 Nov 2018

California air regulators take initial steps on cap-and-trade program revisions to double greenhouse gas cuts in the decade ahead.

The same day, a report is released that pushes land management changes to slash greenhouse gases in California. That includes improved forestry and woodlands management, slower conversion of natural lands and greener agriculture.

At the nation’s capitol, the refusal by Trump’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission nominee to promise to recuse himself from decisions involving coal and nuclear subsidies, if confirmed, roils the U.S. Senate Energy Committee.

Federal energy regulators require the electricity and natural gas industries to pass along tax savings from the U.S. tax reform bill to their customers.

Demand response in wholesale power markets grows overall in the U.S., but not in California, FERC reports.

The home grid operator launches more changes to its interconnection process and sets the stage for a 15 minute market to make better use of Northwest hydro to help balance out the grid.

The California Public Utilities Commission’s move to residential time-of-use rates drops surcharges on excess energy use, worrying consumer and efficiency advocates.

Greater utility wildfire liability in Northern and Southern California scorches utility share prices. It also puts the heat on a soon-to-be formed Commission on Catastrophic Wildfire Cost & Recovery.

When mulling over the pricey question as to whether nuclear power should be allowed to fizzle or maintained as an emissions-free bridge, California casts a clarifying light, Juice finds.

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