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31 Jan 2019

State utility regulators give Southern California Edison the go ahead to collect $1 billion from ratepayers to cover the utility’s underestimate of its power purchase needs in 2018. That is a 5 percent increase in customer bills over the next 12 months. Meanwhile, the California Public Utilities Commission squelches a SoCal Gas gambit to keep $1.2 billion in carbon auction proceeds that are supposed to be returned to its ratepayers.

At the Capitol, state lawmakers lambaste CPUC President Mike Picker over Pacific Gas & Electric’s bankruptcy and wildfires.

After filing for bankruptcy, PG&E asks the court to allow as deemed needed the voiding of up to $42 billion worth of power purchase agreements.

Federal and state energy regulators efforts to maintain jurisdiction over PG&E’s contracts and finances rather than cede it to the federal bankruptcy court is the focus of this week’s Juice column.

Aside from PG&E, more is going on in the state energy field. This week, a new coalition calls for ending natural gas use in buildings and offers advice on how to accomplish that goal.

Also, the grid operator and Energy Imbalance Market Governing Body begin discussing changes in governance rules in the short-term market, which could add day-ahead trading before long.

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