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21 Mar 2019

Two federal energy regulators warn of litigation risks the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has been creating with its deficient greenhouse gas impact assessments of commission-approved projects.

California’s top lawyer throws his weight behind the Bay Area Cities climate change suit against the oil majors. Also, it is mixed messages from FERC. The right wing chief of staff who publicly advocated for coal and nuke plant subsidies is out. So too is a commission nominee who objected to propping up traditional power plants.

This week’s guest column by Severin Borenstein points out that although you aren’t getting green electrons by charging your EV or heating water when the sun shines, you are doing something far better. You’re creating financial incentives for more renewable generation.

The head state energy regulator’s math is challenged during a Senate energy panel meeting. The California Public Utilities Commission president’s oft repeated claim that 11 waivers were requested by community energy is off by 11.

Pacific Gas & Electric’s threat to break its long-term renewable contracts as part of a bankruptcy reorganization is driving up the cost of renewable deals in the Golden State, attorneys warn.

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