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14 Jun 2019

A House Energy panel zeros in on federal legislation and tactics to resolve the troubling issue of long-term storage of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. Lawmakers also grapple with how to consolidate onsite spent fuel in 121 communities, including in Southern California and Sacramento.

The day before, another House Energy & Commerce subcommittee tells Republican federal energy regulators that assessing greenhouse gas impacts of FERC project approvals is paramount, as is increased integration of distributed energy.

The California Energy Commission signs off on tens of millions of dollars in grants and agreements to advance renewable energy on farms and to promote new battery and energy efficient refrigeration and building technologies.

The California Independent System Operator calls for curbing energy use as Tuesday’s heat wave drives up demand across much of the roasting state.

Earlier, Pacific Gas & Electric shuts off power to 21,000 customers in Butte, Yuba and Sonoma Counties to reduce wildfire threats.

This week’s JUICE highlights CAISO’s slow and steady move to regionalization. It welcomes the grid operator taking its time to prove itself to customers, grid participants and others.

The Senate Select Committee on wildfires gets an earful on utility ratings downgrade threats. At issue for rating agencies is California’s strict liability standard for wildfires sparked by utility wires.

The federal bankruptcy judge handling PG&E’s Chapter 11 case, in no uncertain terms, tells federal energy regulators they cannot call the shots of the utility’s $42 billion in green and gas power contracts.

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