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10 Oct 2019

Pacific Gas & Electric’s handling of its unprecedented power shutoffs to more than 700,000 has customers and regulators up in arms.

PG&E also doesn’t get a warm reception in bankruptcy court. The judge rejects its effort to again have him ignore a competing plan to reorganize PG&E’s massive debts.

Over at the California Public Utilities Commission, the private utilities reap $26 million in energy efficiency awards. The unanimous vote is cast in spite of lack of proof of actual energy savings, but proof of efforts to undermine efficiency.

Energy regulators also lose friends for agreeing to weigh whether to add three years to the life of old seawater-cooled gas power plants.

Climate protection advocates better not hold their breath on California’s 2030 climate protection target. Rising emissions from the transportation and commercial sectors are thwarting the effort big time, a report warns.

The U.S. Supreme Court secures California regulators’ decision to not saddle SDG&E ratepayers with $379 million of the San Diego utility’s 2007 wildfire costs.

This week’s JUICE highlights findings that California’s carbon reduction policies could turn the struggling Lost Coast into the center of a new offshore wind power industry.

Ratepayer advocates are not happy with PG&E’s proposal to pay only $65 million for its risky business of bogus records on the locations of its underground gas and electric pipelines.

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