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26 Mar 2020

Incessant telephonic disruptions don’t stop state regulators from approving 25,000 MW of new clean energy projects to cut the sector’s emission to 46 megatons of carbon emissions by 2030. 

Also during their challenging public telephone business meeting, the California Public Utilities Commission unanimously okays $200 million in building decarbonization pilots. It also extends a multi-million dollar contract for outreach to diverse communities to inform them of  upcoming time-of-use residential rates.

The state grid operator approves its 2019-20 high voltage plan. Nine projects with a tab of $142 million get the green light. The California Independent System Operator also okays three reliability-must-run designations for this summer totaling less than 125 MW.

Many are forced to work from home by directives seeking to stop the contagion. Essential electricity industry workers, those running and overseeing the grid and distribution systems, continue working onsite or in the field to keep power and service flowing.

It’s been a rough several days for Pacific Gas & Electric. The pandemic’s rocking and rolling of the market is shaking up PG&E’s $58 billion dollar reorganization plan. Also, this week the utility pleads guilty to a whopping 84 charges of involuntary manslaughter for the 2018 fire that destroyed the town of Paradise.

That doesn’t stop PG&E from protesting a proposed CPUC $ 2.1 billion penalty for fires it sparked the year before and others in 2018.

Last but not least, PG&E finally reaches an agreement with Gov. Gavin Newsom. It requires the company to be sold to the state if its reorganization plan is not approved by the end of June, or its financial plan to pay wildfire victims and creditors fails to go into effect before the end of the year.

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