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9 Apr 2020

The Energy Commission approves city ordinances that beat state building efficiency rules. It applauds California cities working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.

The Commission also continues to dole out millions of dollars in grants at its first remote business meeting to promote cleaner food and beer production, offshore wind, renewable gas and safer natural gas infrastructure.

A newly published books delves into the brave new world of trading alternative behind-the-meter supply and demand technologies, existing and emerging.

PG&E wildfire victims fear the market storm will drown their $13.5 billion settlement. Those wanting to jump off the deck tried unsuccessfully to get the bankruptcy judge to include a letter raising their concerns into the docket. Backers of the plan include Erin Brockovich, who took on PG&E in the 1990s for contaminating groundwater in the town of Hinkley.

Energy bills await judgement while the pandemic runs its course. The few expected to squeeze through the legislative gates when they crack open are measures setting shutoff limits and refunds, and requiring cells towers to have back up power for a few days so phones work during blazes.

Current expands its primer on convoluted terms of art used in California utility regulation that have considerable financial implications. This week its utility general rate cases and memorandum accounts for dummies.

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