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14 May 2020

The massive hole in the upcoming state budget caused by the pandemic does not keep Gov. Gavin Newsom from adding funds to protect against wildfires and its fallout.  It is another story for climate protection, however.

Covid-19 also is responsible for destroying huge numbers of jobs in energy efficiency, renewables and other alternative energy sectors inside and outside of California. The Golden State sees a loss of 100,000-plus jobs, more than a fifth of those lost nationwide as of the end of April. It is a call to arms for the California Energy Commission.

The Energy Commission speeds up its grants for innovative clean energy, to the tune of $33 million. Half the money goes to community solar and battery projects in a terribly polluted community in the Southlands and to lithium recovery and geothermal baseload resources.

Covid-19 is not the only pandemic spreading, so too are brutish fighting tactics. Pacific Gas & Electric and SoCal Gas are infected with nasty strains. This week’s Juice does not call for PPEs but to disinfect the utilities with financial penalties.

The shelter at home orders have driven up home energy use into the double digits. Simultaneously, commercial and industrial demand goes the other direction.

Lower demand is not good news for merchant generators selling power in California. The half dozen of them all see their first quarter earnings tumble.

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