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21 May 2020

The California Public Utilities Commission vote on Pacific Gas & Electric’s massive reorganization plan gets waylaid by an improper communication.

The CPUC’s proposed decision on the plan, now set for a May 28 vote, approves most but not all of the pending financing to get PG&E out from under massive wildfire claims. It does not include huge PG&E fees for outside lawyers and accountants. It does include new regional utility safety officers, and a safety overseer.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission continues its streak of approving natural gas export and pipeline projects, including one on Alaska’s North Slope.  The 3-1 approval comes despite staff’s finding of falling gas demand.

FERC’s 2020 summer assessment also finds a drop in electricity demand across the country. Like California’s grid operator, it also concludes that the Golden State could face crimped supplies when temperatures soar this summer because of low hydro imports.

California sues the Trump Administration once again, this time for failing to disclose its rationale for finding the state’s tailpipe emissions controls on cars will not impact air pollution.  PG&E plans five big new lithium ion battery projects for next summer, two that are to be sited next to renewable plants.

This week’s Guest Juice delves into applying blockchain to transactive energy. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory researches using blockchain technology to allow neighbors to securely buy and sell rooftop and other distributed energy output.

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