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4 Jun 2020

Pacific Gas & Electric’s plan to reduce wildfire threats and safety outages is half empty or half full, depending on your perspective. While the CPUC President says she is optimistic about the improvements in the 2020 plan, she has doubts about it being successfully implemented. In spite of the concerns, none are raised about its multi-billion dollar price tag during a Senate Energy & Utilities Committee hearing.

Halfway through the meeting, the committee chair stops the hearing to remember George Floyd in silence.

Democratic House members propose spending $500 billion as part of a revised federal transportation reauthorization bill to cut carbon and make the sector more climate resilient. That includes providing grants for electric cars. At the state level, California’s second quarter carbon pollution auction suffers shelter-in-place blues.

The state’s biggest wildfires have been started by the biggest private utility, which is about to emerge from one of the biggest bankruptcies. Thus, the possibility of creating a big public utility to replace PG&E will mean big problems, Juice warns.

California and its utilities have focused for years on lowering climate pollution but two bills promoting polluting diesel and natural gas backup generation advance.

Tragedy strikes a helicopter crew under contract with PG&E. The helicopter hits a high voltage line, killing the three men aboard.

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