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11 Jun 2020

After months of few energy items on the California Public Utilities Commission business meeting agendas, this week’s one is dense, and action packed.

After honoring the death of George Floyd, the five utility regulators approve Pacific Gas & Electric’s plan to install diesel-fueled generators to provide power during safety outages. The CPUC also signs off on the utilities’ 2020 Wildfire Mitigation Plans that are riddled with problems, and come with a $15 billion price tag.

The regulators set much needed rules to reduce utility disconnections of poor ratepayers. But they face objections for putting PG&E and Southern California Edison in charge of buying local supply cushions, including for community energy.

This week’s JUICE warns that California is taking a major step backwards allowing diesel powered microgrids, further undermining years of clean energy investments and mandates.

The California Energy Commission is beefing up grants to storage projects that don’t use lithium ion. It approves $11 million in grants to a range of alternative battery projects mid-week, and is set to approve an additional $30 million plus.

With little fanfare, the bill to take over PG&E if it continues business as usual, or can’t finance its huge debt load, passes the Assembly Utilities & Energy Committee. Local energy advocates and the Sunrise Movement worry it won’t help those most in need.

PG&E announces it’s selling its San Francisco headquarters and moving to Oakland. Also, as part of its strategy to raise money and reduce costs, the company plans to sell $9 million in stock.

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