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2 Jul 2020

Before the start of the fireworks, Pacific Gas & Electric announced it funded most of the $6.75 billion cash payment to fire victims. It also lined up another $12 billion to pay insurance claims as well as cities impacted by utility-sparked fires that burned from 2015-2018.

Hydrogen fuel to lower transportation emissions, California’s biggest source of air pollution, is put on an Energy Commission pedestal this week. Despite the years of effort and funding, California energy policy makers learn the state is being left in the dust by Asian and European countries.

California may no longer be at the forefront of hydrogen fuel development, but its influence reaches far and wide. The House Climate Committee adopts a plan for the nation to achieve carbon neutrality just five years later than the Golden State. 

The newly minted state budget backs the potential takeover of PG&E with a $50 million loan. The 2020-21 budget also funds firefighting, fire mitigation oversight and oil and gas inspectors. Programs waiting for cap-and-trade funds get left out.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signs SB 350, creating a back stop public utility to take over PG&E if needed. It easily passed the Senate Energy Committee over the objections of two Republican committee members.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s controversial practice of ignoring pleas for judicial relief from landowners who object to having their property torn up by gas pipelines gets overturned.  The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeal finds FERC intentionally blew off the statutory time requirement for rehearing permit challenges.

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