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16 Jul 2020

PG&E sparked last fall’s Kincaid wildfire, CalFire reveals.

State regulators launch a cutting edge framework for figuring how big a hit combined utility bills are for low income ratepayers. The scrutinized tab will include electricity, gas, telecommunication and water bills.

More than two years after the near-devastating crumbling of the Oroville dam spillway, federal energy regulators vote unanimously to strengthen dam safety rules. They also give PacifiCorp the green light to pass off four old hydropower dams for decommissioning.

The California Energy Commission spotlights hurdles to electric vehicles being able to power homes and the grid during emergencies.

Current analyzes how modernizing California’s distribution system will bolster the economy, clean energy and resiliency.

So called renewable gas from landfill, dairies and elsewhere is anything but, asserts a new report by two environmental organizations. They insist electrifying buildings in place of powering them with alternate gas will do far more on the decarbonization front.

Energy storage is having a heyday, including because the biggest battery array in the nation recently connected to California’s grid. And, a lot more storage is coming down the CAISO pike.

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