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23 Jul 2020

Energy storage is surging in California, with much of it being built next to solar plants. The grid operator board approves giving these complimentary co-located projects a market boost so they can fill the gap in peak supplies over the next three years.

After many years, dozens of stakeholders reached an agreement on removing PacifiCorp’s Lower Klamath River hydro dams. Then the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission changed the terms of the deal, not to PacifiCorp’s liking. The numerous parties now are back at the drawing table because although FERC allows the dams to be transferred for demolition, it keeps the company on the hook.

All bets are off for San Diego Gas & Electric with the upcoming expiration of its 50-year franchise agreement with the City of San Diego. Warren Buffet is putting his bid into the city’s competitive solicitation seeking a utility provider.

The two private Southern California utilities move to cut their emissions. Southern California Edison says by 2030 its entire fleet of cars will be fueled by its electricity. The utility also plans to make big inroads on the electrification of its medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. SoCal Gas is using its gas in two new Bloom Energy fuel cells to power company facilities at Monterey Park and Pico Rivera.

The Sacramento muni takes a bold leap to attain 100% decarbonized power by 2030. The falling cost of energy storage puts the goal within reach.

It is strike two for the Trump Administration’s play to undo California’s joint carbon trading program with Quebec. A district court rejects claims that the cross-border programs tread on federal affairs.

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