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20 Aug 2020

After 400,000 Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric customers had their power cut late last week because extreme heat spiked energy demand, Gov. Newsom tells energy officials to analyze the screw up. The grid operator, and heads of the California Public Utilities Commission and Energy Commission also must detail how their policy and/or programs contributed to the rolling outages.

While it’s mea culpa for the agency chiefs, they also detail for Newsom the stunning across the board conservation, avoiding more rolling blackouts this week as temperatures remain very high. They also clarify that wind and solar resources are not to blame.

Meanwhile in Southern California, not only do heat and demand spike but so do gas prices. They soar to $1,500 a megawatt hour in SDG&E and SCE territories.

The energy agencies don’t have to be told that the charging of growing numbers of large and small electric vehicles must be managed. California has the most electric vehicles and it’s understood that managing the growing load means using EV-specific time-of-use rates or other price signals. That will more than double peak charging capacity to 65 million light duty vehicles, Herman Trabich reveals.

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