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11 Sep 2020

Northern San Diegans vigorously protest San Diego’s plan to upgrade and extend a big power line from San Marcos to Escondido. After listening to concerns about fire and financial dangers, as well as visual blight, the California Public Utilities Commission pulls the item from this week’s business meeting.

In other news, the utility regulators learn that the Klamath dam removal has not ground to a halt since federal regulators changed the terms of the settlement. It entailed years of effort among a wide variety of interest groups.

Assembly Utilities & Energy Committee Chair Chris Holden warns that rates are out of control. He also insists that last month’s blackouts should have been averted.

Sept. 9, was the 10th year anniversary of the deadly explosion of Pacific Gas & Electric’s gas pipeline in San Bruno. This week’s Juice column remembers the lives lost and those changed forever because of diverted profits, broken rules, and lack oversight. It also points to a strategy for avoiding harm from gas facilities.

In spite of high temperatures and demand, the grid operator avoids calling rolling blackouts. High heat and high winds, however, cause PG&E and the other two utilities to preemptively shutoff power to tens of thousands of customers.

Herman Trabish takes a hard look at the causes of the mid-August blackout. That includes the missing urgency for an orderly transition to a clean reliable grid.

The pandemic and shelter in place wreak havoc on this year’s energy legislation, with the smallest number of bills passing in recent legislative history. 

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