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18 Sep 2020

Groundbreaking action by federal regulators requires grid operators to open their doors to aggregated power from energy storage, solar rooftops, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency. CAISO is ahead of the regional transmission operator pack, but the new rule is expected to ease the way for more clean distributed resources into its grid.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission also investigates the causes of California’s rolling blackouts. It and a Senate energy committee ask what FERC could or should have done to avert shortages during high heat and peak demand. Two commission nominees being vetted by the Senate panel get asked that question too. They also get grilled on whether the agency should factor in climate change into pipeline decisions.

Commodity regulators appointed by Trump call for pricing carbon emissions because of havoc its wreaking on financial markets. The public stance by the Commodities Future Trading Commission stuns and delights many.

One of two power plants that failed to fuel CAISO’s grid during extreme heat and demand generates lots of rumors. Tapes of the dispatches when released will reveal just what happened.

Warnings about market challenges impeding sectors of the energy market went unheeded, including those reducing demand response. Some of these bigger providers failed to perform mid-August. But why and whether penalties are justified need a closer look.

Meanwhile utility regulators take another stab at net energy metering. The aim is to provide neither too much nor too little compensation to affected solar and storage systems.

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