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2 Oct 2020

Pacific Gas & Electric seeks a couple of billion dollars more from ratepayer pocketbooks for utility-sparked wildfires in 2017 and 2018. It also asks state regulators for the green light to put its long-time headquarters in San Francisco up for sale. It says it will give the gain to customers. In other news, the grid operator board rolls out the welcome mat for its new chief.

The head of the Assembly energy committee tells Current that Southern California Edison’s possible pursuit of more expensive financing in place of AAA rated bonds to cover a few hundred million dollars in wildfire won’t be fully paid by ratepayers. 

On top of billions in ratepayer-backed bonds for wildfire related costs, legislation just signed into law also allows private utilities to charge their customers for what could be more than $2 billion for pandemic-driven losses. Wall Street is watching.

Firms that aggregate distributed energy and strive to sell them into the California market are not popping the champagne bottle following federal energy regulators recent approval of rules easing distributed energy resources entry into grid markets. A cause for celebration will be changes allowing increased payments from the California Independent System Operator and California Public Utilities Commission.

Pacific Gas & Electric shutoff power in high fire threat areas starting Sunday but most customers lines were repowered the next day.  However, new threats appear later in the week.

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