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16 Oct 2020

The grid operator calls for conservation in the face of spiking temperatures along the Southern California Coast and in the northern part of the state. Peak demand is not the issue: the large Diablo nuclear power plant going offline and fire threats are.

Federal energy regulators agree to allow carbon pricing into grid markets. But okays are to be made on a case by case basis, and on condition that the state pricing mechanism is not deemed a subsidy.

The California Energy Commission commits to spending nearly $400 million to slash emissions from vehicles, mostly passenger cars and trucks, over the next three years. Its clean transportation plan incentives, including workforce development, are largely focused on poor communities that suffer disproportionately. 

Pacific Gas & Electric’s wildfire woes may not be over. Whether its equipment started the deadly Shasta County Zogg Fire is under investigation. Meanwhile, in large swaths of Northern California it preemptively shuts off power in the face of dry conditions and powerful hot winds.

California grid operator’s and energy agencies’ mea culpa for the mid-August blackouts are not enough for one Assembly energy committee member, who points the finger at renewables. Not so insist the agency heads. In addition, they say fixes to summer grid imbalances are within reach.

A joint agency report concludes that over the next quarter of a century, California must add beaucoup battery storage, solar and wind capacity to achieve a net zero carbon economy by 2045. Transitioning to a clean grid is doable, but will cost big bucks, but less than a melted state.

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