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30 Oct 2020

Two California private utility parents report third quarter earnings, one bearing good news and the other far from rosy. Pacific Gas & Electric gets a post-bankruptcy bounce. Edison International goes the opposite direction.

SoCalGas gets slammed for its climate damaging activities, from undermining home electrification to suing the state for its clean trucks rule. Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Barragán demand answers, pointing to wildfire destruction worsened by climate change.

Community energy and clean power providers together protest old school regulations that stunt non fossil resource adequacy. They pitch a five-step regime to the Assembly energy committee chair, which aim at rules inhibiting energy storage’s and conservation’s contribution. Chair Holden says the necessary tools to dispatch the resources at issue are not prime time.

Clean microgrid advocates also are trying to get the California Public Utilities Commissions to focus on speeding up the transition to a reliable clean grid. They warn that a requisite proceeding to commercialize clean systems stalls necessary change.

Even stronger winds blew this week, causing more safety power shutoffs.  And yet another wildfire was probably sparked by utility equipment. SCE informs utility regulators and financial analysts it may have started the Orange County fire.

Federal energy regulators test both the regulatory waters and transmission operators’ ability to accommodate the expected surge in offshore wind development. Properly setting the stage will produce big green, equitable dividends, says a former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chair.

Vice President Biden’ energy plan produces far more savings, from a human and environmental health perspective, than President Trump’s. Biden’s plan would cut 90% of emissions and pollutants from electricity generation.

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