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12 Nov 2020

Pacific Gas & Electric pitches a plan to transfer $7.5 billion of shareholder debt to ratepayers, which gets raked over the coals. Consumer advocates argue that substituting long-term ratepayer-backed bonds for the bankruptcy debt puts customers’ pocketbooks at risk and fails to meet legal requirements. Those mandates include that the financing be rate neutral and boost the utility’s chances of attaining investment grade ratings.

Both San Francisco and San Jose will halt the use of natural gas in all new construction next year. The City by the Bay’s ban goes into effect next June. San Jose, which is expected to approve the prohibition next Tuesday, is to become effective Aug. 1, 2021. Both cities create exemptions from the prohibition, largely for new restaurants.

Over at the California Public Utilities Commission, the state ratepayer advocates urges a $225 million fine on SoCalGas for working to sabotage the state’s effort to decrease natural gas use in energy and transportation. That has thwarted efforts to lessen climate pollution, Cal Advocates argues.

The grid operator gets a mini make over with the new president Elliot Mainzer teaming up with new chief operating officer Mark Rothleder. Also, high level managers are being transferred to different California Independent System Operator departments to broaden their knowledge base as more clean energy resources come into the market.

The number of ratepayers seeking utility bill assistance surges during the pandemic. Community energy increases its long-term renewable resources by 1,700 megawatts the last year.

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