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4 Feb 2021

State regulatory staff propose further crimping demand response, much to the dismay of advocates of these behind-the-meter resources. Making matters worse for them is the disparity in treatment between DR and fossil power plants.

The City of San Diego plans to issue a second request for bids for electricity and gas services because the long-time holder of the franchise agreement was the sole bidder during the first round. San Diego Gas & Electric, which has held right of way for 100 years, was given a temporary extension.

The Golden State is at the forefront of the electrification of transportation, according to a new national study. California also is way ahead of nearly all other states in its work to ensure equitable access to clean transportation, according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Also is this week’s Roundup: Pacific Gas & Electric puts on the sales block an exclusive license to allow the hanging of wireless equipment from thousands of its transmission towers and poles.

The City and County of San Francisco and PG&E go head-to-head again. In the middle are federal energy regulators. San Francisco files a suit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for allowing what it claims are discriminatory distribution connection decisions by PG&E.

The boom in California’s community energy organizations serves as an example for other states that want to provide clean local power, according to a new UCLA report

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