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11 Feb 2021

The ever-growing tab from months of unpaid utility bills will soon come due. Who gets saddled with that debt, currently $1.15 billion, remains to be seen? The California Public Utilities Commission will look at repayment options.

Unpaid bills of $1 billion and climbing gets dwarfed by the $15 billion in additional spending the private utilities plan to make under their 2021-22 wildfire mitigation plans.

Not only will ratepayers see continued utility bill increases, they also will likely pay for more fossil generation to meet this summer’s peak and net peak demand. The CPUC says reliability is king. Clean energy advocates warn that alternative resources continue to get dissed, and so do polluted communities of color.

The CPUC gets a new commissioner, Darcie Houck. She is the California Energy Commission’s chief counsel. The governor also appoints a new CEC member from the agency ranks: Siva Gunda.

The Energy Commission gives more money to alternative battery technologies and projects to cut growing consumption of plug-in devices. It also exempts two cities from the Title 24 mandate that new homes include PV panels.

Republicans attack President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion climate protection plan that would create millions of jobs, saying those jobs won’t be in their districts. Democrats insist that the perils of climate change require immediate action.

A group of eight community energy organizations band together to buy clean power to lower costs. 

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