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18 Feb 2021

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chief calls the multi-day power outage in Texas a “humanitarian crisis.” FERC is looking into what went wrong during the unusually icy conditions. It urges politicians, the media, and others to not speculate on the cause of the loss of power.

Soaring demand in Texas, frozen power plants, and massive outages, impact California. Frozen gas wells in the Lone Star State cause natural gas prices in Southern California to soar. The grid operator calls for conservation to reduce demand and free up supplies.

New legislation would halt the fracking of wells to produce natural gas and oil to protect the climate. A petroleum trade group says it will result in gas being imported into California. Another bill seeks to create an offshore wind industry in the state. The California Energy Commission is tasked with developing a plan for reaching 10GW of offshore wind.

California’s carbon cap-and-trade is required to do heavy lifting, producing most of the emission reductions needed to reduce 2030 emission levels 40% below 1990 levels. But program flaws, including budget uncertainty and excess banking of allowances, make the goal more elusive.

The weeks’ Juice column looks at the growth trajectory of storage being added to solar.  The development of storage is following in the footsteps of the solar electric industry, with its first decade of growth modest. Now solar-plus storage projects steadily gain ground, with intense weather and wildfires helping make their case.

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