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25 Mar 2021

State utility regulators scale back increases in gas fired power in their new decision seeking emergency supply and load reduction resources the next two summers. The private utilities are ordered to add at least 1,000 MW to meet demand during extreme heat, preferably with storage. But the California Public Utilities Commission’s second emergency plan okays paying for diesel backup in the event of excess demand, largely impacting disadvantaged communities.

The Mayor of Los Angeles and NREL release a study that concludes the largest public power agency in the U.S. can provide 100% clean power reliably and equitably 10 years ahead of the state mandate. The comprehensive analysis shows various strategies for how the Los Angeles Department & Power can reach that goal by 2035. In Sacramento, its muni is expected to approve a plan for attaining a clean grid five years earlier. Continuing some fossil fueled resources is not out of the question.

Legal challenges to the California Energy Commission’s power plant permits will no longer go directly to the California Supremes. Instead, they must first be reviewed by the lower courts to safeguard the separation of powers, according to a decision affirmed by the high court.

An effort by a pro nuke group to keep Pacific Gas & Electric’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant running after its federal licenses expire gets rejected. Federal energy regulators conclude the complaint is too sweeping and legally flawed. The CPUC is asked to reject PG&E’s request to postpone ratepayer relief for its malfunctioning Diablo Unit 2 that underwent a costly repair.

This week’s Guest Juice touts advanced software that bolsters the value of energy storage resources. PG&E recently agreed to use it at its big battery project at Moss Landing expected to go online later this year.

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